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Civil Engineering

​​Bergman & Associates provides civil engineering services, including:

  • Site and road design:  Civil site design for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

  • Subdivisions:  Residential and commercial subdivisions in accordance with local and state regulations.

  • Drainage design:  Drainage design for both new and existing sites. Macro-scale (subdivisions, industrial sites) down to micro-scale (basement water problems) design.

  • Low Impact Design (LID):  Low impact design incorporates the latest in LID/"green engineering" design techniques. LID methodology allows for more intelligent treatment of stormwater, a reduction of traditional paved surfaces, the collection and reuse of storm- and rainwater, reduced land disruption, reductions in atmospheric and waterbody heating, and improved aesthetics in homesite design.

  • Survey:  Boundary and topographical surveys for new and existing projects, as-built surveys, and FEMA Flood Certificates.

  • Septic systems:  Septic system design for new and existing applications. Designs to minimize land disturbance and maximize cost-effectiveness.

  • Presentations to Boards and Commissions: Formal presentations to local and state boards and commissions for any given project.

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