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Civil Engineering

​​Bergman & Associates provides civil engineering services, including:

  • Site and road design:  Civil site design for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Includes the layout of buildings, roads, grading, drainage, utility lines, parking design.

  • Subdivisions:  Residential and commercial subdivisions in accordance with local and state regulations.

  • Drainage design:  Collection of stormwater and/or groundwater for both new and existing sites. Macro-scale (subdivisions, industrial sites) down to micro-scale (basement water problems) design.

  • Low Impact Design (LID): Incorporating the latest in LID/"green engineering" design techniques. LID allows for more intelligent treatment of stormwater, a reduction of paved surfaces, the collection and reuse of storm- and rainwater, reduced land disruption, reductions in atmospheric and waterbody heating, and improved site aesthetics.

  • Survey:  Boundary and topographical surveys for new and existing projects, as-built surveys, and FEMA Flood Certificates.

  • Presentations to Boards and Commissions: Formal presentations to local and state planning boards, conservation commissions, etc. for any given project.

Winchester, NH survey

New grading with drainage swale, West Newbury, MA

Residential drainage system, Newton, MA

Rip-rap outlet - excess groundwater solution, Groveland, MA

New stairs and erosion control, Groveland, MA

Parking lot drainage, St. Patrick's Church, Stoneham, MA

Erosion control, North Andover, MA

Survey, North Andover, MA

Septic System

Boxford, MA

LID Subdivision

Falcon Lane subdivision plans, Haverhill, MA

Billerica, MA repaving project

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