Energy Systems

Paul Bergman, PE, has been working in the field of wind energy field for over 40 years. Bergman and Associates can provide energy engineering services, including:

  • Site feasibility and evaluation:  Installation of meteorological tower and wind instrumentation; analysis and reporting of data; evaluation of site from construction, zoning, electrical infrastructure and other pertinent standpoints.

  • Civil site design:  Survey, civil site design and permitting of wind and PV sites.

  • Structural analysis for ground- and roof-mounted PV arrays.

  • Computer-aided photographic renderings: Highly accurate photographic renderings of proposed wind energy installations.

  • Geotechnical exploration/foundation design:  Subsurface soil/rock investigation and wind turbine foundation design.

  • Tower design:  Finite element design of wind turbine tower structures.

  • Wind turbine specifications:  Assembling of specifications for a wind turbine or turbines for the particular application.