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Structural Engineering

Bergman & Associates provides a full range of structural engineering services, including:

  • Existing and proposed structures: Structural analysis of existing structures, additions or modifications to existing structures, and design and analysis of new structures.

  • Analysis and design of steel, wood, reinforced concrete, stainless steel, and aluminum structures.

  • Retaining walls: Design of segmental, gabion, reinforced concrete and other types of earth-retaining structures.

  • Foundations: Design of foundations for various applications.

  • Forensic analysis: Investigation and reports for failed structures.

  • Towers: Analysis and design for the telecommunications, broadcasting, wind, and other industries.

  • Water tanks: Analysis of existing water tanks.

  • Silos: Analysis of existing and proposed agricultural and industrial silos.

  • Smokestacks: Analysis of existing smokestacks.

  • Bridges: Analysis and design of steel, concrete, and timber bridges for various applications.

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